Interior Design

Modern Mini Libraries At Home

Every book lover has a collection of his favorite books and usually they are just stacked on shelves. Today we present you different ways to organize them and create an ideal atmosphere for reading.



Nothing is better than a sound of burning wood in the fireplace while reading. The owner of this house is a book lover for sure and he created a perfect area for reading. This doesn’t mean that every one would feel the same. Some maybe would’ve preferred darker interior, but that depends on a person.


This room is clearly designed for a person who prefers darker tones and small cozy areas. Color creates mood. In this situation, khaki sofa and brownish walls puts your mind into a calm state, perfect for reading while sipping red wine.


Common problem – The area under the stairs usually stays unused. In this photo we see a clever way of making that area functional. Shelves are pretty simple, they blend with the interior and the colorful books add a little joy to the white walls.