Double Knowledge: Crochet Slippers Pattern and Insurance Marketing and the World Wide Web


We’ve decided to spread some financial knowledge around as well as sharing the tutorials, thus providing a double worth information to our readers.

Despite a slow start, the insurance industry is rapidly establishing its presence in the electronic marketplace. By the close of the century, most U.S. insurers had established a presence on the Web, offering extensive information about their insurance products. A number had actually begun selling insurance online. Given the success in marketing other products over the Web, it seems likely that the potential for marketing insurance via this medium is significant. To date, most sales growth has been in the area of life insurance products and personal property and liability coverage. Some observers believe that significant growth will also occur in the commercial insurance area. Others disagree, arguing that commercial insurance coverages are too complex to be purchased via the Web by the vast majority of businesses.

To further explain the structure of the insurance industry, we should briefly examine some of its unique corporate relationships, which include insurance company groups and cooperating underwriting arrangements.
Now as we learned a bit about insurance marketing and its’ www sales let’s go to the second part of an article and learn how to make these lovely slippers.


Tutorial is Here

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