8 Greatest Chairs Of All Time

There are roughly two types of chairs – the comfortable ones and the ones that are just beautiful but lack function. When these two features combine in one object, that’s when the magic happens. In this post we present you 8 greatest chairs of all time or in other words – works of art.

The DSW Chair By Charles Eames


 Charles Eames was a design icon of the last century. The DSW chair became one of the most popular pieces in the 50s. Eames combined wood and plastic in a very simple way and it’s simplicity is the main thing that makes it spectacular. It’s still one of the most popular items used in modern interior.

The DAW Dining Chair By Charles Eames



This one is pretty similar to the previous piece. Just because it’s called Dining Chair, doesn’t mean it’s for dining rooms only. This chair comes in different colors, the wooden legs blend with any area in the house and the only thing you have to do is choose the color of the seat.

45 Chair By Finn Juhl


Finn Juhl designed this piece in 1945, naming it 45 Chair. This is the first example of a chair, that has it’s seat and back free from the frame. This made Finn Juhl world famous as an outstanding designer. The wood and the leather are very carefully selected and this makes it a quality product.

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