8 Greatest Chairs Of All Time

LC4 Chaise Longue by Le Corbusier


Primarily an architect, Le Corbusier is famous for his furniture designs. At first sight, LC4 doesn’t seem comfortable, it looks like it’s gonna break your spine in half, but once you sit in the Chaise Longue, you may never want to get up again. After experiencing the comfort, you might have a thought that you just found “your” chair, the chair that you’ve always needed.

LC3 Chair by Le Corbusier


Le Corbusier designed this chair in 1929. He took a traditional armchair and turned it inside out. In this piece, unlikely the traditional armchair, the main construction frame is no more inside, but displayed on the outside as a component of the design. LC3 is almost hundred years old and it’s still one of the most popular chairs of all time.

LC1 Sling Chair by Le Corbusier



Le Corbusier believed that furniture should not take up more space than was required and in 1928 he created this sling chair, with the help of Charlotte Perriand and his cousin Pierre. It was designed for indoor use only, but after Villa Savoye, they decided to create the exact replica of this chair for outdoor use, but with better quality materials.

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