4 Space Saving Ideas for a Tiny Kitchen

There is a new problem emerging in the today’s world and the trend doesn’t look to near anywhere its reversal point. Storage problem is something that about 70% of families are dealing with, according to the latest studies. Prices for the apartments are rising and more and more people are starting to implement space management in order to maintain one’s living cheaper, more comfortable and practical.

Kitchens are effected with this problem the most. However there seem to be a handful of creative people who come up with the problem resolving ideas from time to time. While some ideas may seem cheesy and not so helpful at a first glance, believe, people who tried them out speak different. If you are in the 70% who struggles with the spacing in their living apartments this article may be helpful and interesting for you. If you are from the 30% well, our congratulations, you are either rich enough to afford the spacing others can’t or you have been creative enough to find the solutions for the problems emerged.

Today Design-Peak shares with you 4 space saving ideas for the tiny kitchens. Applied or not, these hacks are something you want to take a look at.

Magnetic knife rack

Rather than keeping knives in an ordinary way you can apply a magnetic rack on the kitchen wall. Thus the storage needed in order to maintain knives and other metal goods is going to serve as an additional space.



Wall-mounted storage

Wall mounted storage is particularly an extended idea of the magnetic rack. In both cases using the blank wall as a space keeper is the core of the idea. However with a wall mounted vertical storage – metal materials are not the only ones we can store.


Window bar table

When it comes to the tiny kitchens table placement is one of the most difficult part to grasp. However if there’s a window nearby you can easily apply a table thus consuming little to no space at all.



Pullout pantry

Pullout panty is a holy grail when it comes to the space management. The idea behind is to build a slider shelves in the sizes and shapes to fill the gaps available which were not going to be used if applied ordinary approaches only.